High Potential Inc's Career Transition services are designed to provide pragmatic, consultative, services to our clients. Each client is guided through the transition process by a consultant specially selected to fit their individual needs. Together, the consultant and client will develop a personal campaign action plan that will incorporate every phase of the outplacement process.

Stages of Transition:

  • Dealing with Loss - Accepting Change
  • Personal and Career Assessment
  • Gathering Skills - Skill Development and Interview Preperation
  • Presenting yourself - Marking Materials - Resume and Communication tools
  • Creating an Individualized Transition Plan
  • Driving Networking into Interviews
  • Negotiations
  • Onboarding into your new career

  • All of our Executive Consultants are also Business Coaches who will identify potential roadblocks and develop methods to overcome these career de-railers. Each consultant has worked with hundreds of executives, managers and business leaders during their outplacement. Their experience, knowledge of the marketplace and deep understanding of executive success provides the framework for a positive transition into a new career.

    To meet your needs and the needs of your employees we have created:

  • Executive Outplacement

  • Professional 6 Month Programs
  • Professional 3 Month Programs
  • 30 day Quick Start Programs
  • Group Career Services, Structured Downsizings and Career Centers