3-Month Professional Career Transition Program -
This is an intensive one-on-one service centered on the transition needs of administrative professionals and senior technical and operations staff. It combines personalized career assessment, developmental and on-line marketing resources to meet your personal marketing requirements.
Professional Program: Professional-level consulting and scheduled administrative support services; Consultant delivered assessment and career plan; Résumé, stationery and mailing services; Intensive networking and interview training; Internet based national Hoover’s data bases; research resources; Access to high speed Internet and skill development seminars.
Professional & Mid-Level Management: Senior Operations staff, Professionals. (Exempt, Officers, Controllers, Asst. Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents.)
Individual Career Consulting - An experienced career consultant with outstanding credentials who is familiar with your background will be selected to meet your particular needs.

Understanding the Whole Person - Our goal is to equip you with the insights and tools to achieve career fulfillment over a lifetime - not just the immediate matter of your current transition. A personal career assessment will be provided which integrates your individual personality and lifestyle information with career aspirations, practical experience and educational achievements.

Key Contact Development - HPi is about helping professionals achieve their career goals by building a larger network of professional relationships. Our deeply committed consultants, with in-depth knowledge of the business community, are well equipped to facilitate your introduction to valuable professional contacts who are key to a successful search.

Résumé Services, Cover Letters, and Marketing Materials - Our résumés, cover letters and other marketing tools are designed to communicate your potential value to the job market. They are focused, integrated marketing materials that persuasively communicate what you can do best.

Training and Interview Preparation - Communication is crucial to how you are perceived and accepted. We coach you to communicate assets and capabilities in the most effective manner; explain liabilities in a way that projects you in a positive light; and pervasively address tough questions.

A Personalized, Self-Help Stress Management Program - This is a stressful time in one's life, and your consultant will provide personal support to help identify sources of stress and methods to deal positively with stress will be outlined.

Individualized Transition Plan - Based upon our extensive marketplace knowledge and experience, a written step-by-step plan of personal marketing activities is developed. This reflects the best strategies and tactical thinking of your HPi consultant and you for achieving your specific career goals.

Negotiations - When you receive an offer, your consultant will be immediately available to help you to assess the opportunity. Our years of experience in evaluating job offers are focused on helping you making the best career and lifestyle decision and then helping you to negotiate the best possible offer.

Administrative Support - Professional administrative and private office space, word processing and internet services will be provided for a period of three-months. Telephone services, postage, facsimile, voice mail and personal computers will be included. Video simulation training is available to improve your interviewing and networking skills.

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