Group Career Services, Structured Downsizings and Career Centers

When it is not possible to extend individual career transition services to each employee affected by an organizational change or a large number of employees from the same location at the same time, Group Career Transition services or a Career Center may be a cost effective solution, which also provides the best local career counseling, resources and support available. From planning and start-up to completion, HPi OI Partners group transition services are customized to meet the business needs of each customer organization, and are available with a single phone call for services throughout North America.

HPi OI Partners expert consultants and project managers are available to provide assistance with employee notifications, manager training, group workshops, and career center staffing. Our group career transition services may include;

Group Career Workshops
Individual and career assessments
Job search training
Resume preparation
Networking and interviewing skills training
Internet resources and training via our OI Solutions eCareerCenter™
Administrative support and local job development
Telephone, workspace and office support
Coordination with local and state job-support organizations

HPi OI Partners Group Career Services offer separating employees the resources and guidance they need to maximize their opportunity for success in a highly cost effective manner.

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