Executive Management Services -
Appropriate pre-termination planning with Senior Management; unlimited consulting with Sr. Consultant and Partner; Spousal Consultant; access to Senior-level Entrepreneurial Consultant and Financial Planning assistance; Ph.D. Psychologist delivered assessment plus 360° feedback; unlimited Senior Executive-level office support with priority secretarial services and amenities; Customized training resources; Extensive research resources, job development and Internet based data-bases; and, post-landing counseling in new leadership role.
The HPi Executive Service designates a highly experienced lead Consultant familiar with the needs of general and senior line managers, professionals, and other senior executives during career transition. Additional Consultants will contribute to your success by working with you to assist in understanding your executive skills, style and personal requirements. Leadership competencies and potential career derailers will be investigated through a series of psychological profiles and a highly structured Chronological Career Interview.

In addition, Executive and developmental coaching will provide insight into critical success factors and allow you to develop a detailed career plan. Whenever possible, personal introductions will be made to management, executive recruiting and venture capital communities, allowing you to fully explore your vision of the future.

Executive Management Services are custom consulting service for those Senior Executives who manage your business (Executive Vice President and above)
Consulting Support - A Senior Consultant and HPi Principal will team to provide the personalized focus and support to assist you through your transition. Your Consultant will be an experienced professional, prepared to meet your particular needs, and will provide the foundation and direction for your campaign by marshalling the assets needed to support you.

Understanding the Whole Person – The HPi goal is to equip you with the insights and tools to achieve career fulfillment over a lifetime - not just the immediate transition. The leadership competency assessments will integrate interpersonal, personal and lifestyle information with career insights. Your Senior Consultant and one of our Ph.D. Psychologists will work together to provide you with feedback and insights into perfecting your campaign strategy and help you to perfect a personal marketing plan.

Spouse and Family Support - HPi tailors services to each individual’s family needs, which may include relocation assistance, dual career family discussions and emotional support for the spouse/partner. Your Consultant will assist your spouse and family by providing information, advice, and guidance enabling them to better understand change and to actively support your career transition.

Administrative Support Services – Either a comprehensive Home Office will be equipped for you [including laptop PC, Fax machine, and upgraded Internet & modem connections] or Private office space in our HPi Loop offices. Word processing, High-speed Internet connection and printing services are also provided in our offices. Domestic Long distance, postage, facsimile, 24/7 voice mail services and personal computers are included for up to one year.

Résumé Services, Cover Letters, and Stationery - Your résumé, Curriculum Vitae, biographical summary, cover letters and other marketing tools will be designed to convey your potential value in the job market. These marketing tools are focused, integrated statements that persuasively express your capabilities.

Training and Interview Preparation - Communication with executive search firms, board members and other targets is crucial in shaping how you are perceived. We focus on communicating assets and capabilities in the most effective manner; handling potential liabilities in a way that projects you in a positive light and helping you address tough questions. We will also use video training techniques and coaching to improve your interviewing skills.

Individualized Transition Plan – The HPi goal is to help you connect with target companies and opportunities in an optimal manner. Based upon our extensive marketplace knowledge and experience, a written, step-by-step marketing plan will be developed. This plan will reflect the best strategies and tactical thinking of the HPi Principals and you, for accomplishing specific career goals.

Financial Planning – HPi will provide an analysis of your current financial position, by a Certified Financial Planner; this is an important resource for your consideration. This analysis often reveals that a broad range of career options, including entrepreneurship, may be available.

Entrepreneurship and Business Planning – Approximately 35% of individuals going through transition considers entrepreneurship as an option. HPi can counsel you on how to meet your entrepreneurial needs, whether it be consulting, buying or starting a business, or franchising. LifeWork planning can also be made available, should you and your family decide to pursue early retirement options or a mosaic of other life choices.

Key Contact Research - Research is vital to identify opportunities that are most likely to meet your combination of experience, skills and values. Internet-based assets containing information on your target companies, a search firm database, research training, and access to databases will help you bring coherence to local, national and global markets. HPI principals will provide selective introductions to key target companies.

Negotiations - As you proceed into the negotiating stage of your campaign your Senior Consultant is immediately available to assess the opportunity. Our years of experience in evaluating offers are focused on you making the best career and lifestyle decision then helping you to negotiate the best offer.

Continuing Support – HPi will provide on-going career management coaching and counseling until you are well situated in your new position. Your HPi consultant or Principal will help you to on-board yourself with your new company.

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