High Potential Inc (HPi), an OI Partners firm, is an Executive Coaching and Development firm located in the financial district of the Chicago Loop. With OI Partners, we are able to provide customized leadership and talent management solutions thru over 115 offices in North America.

Our pragmatic approach has proven to be both effective as well as cost-efficient, and the personalized counsel of our experienced executive development staff has been highly praised. We have long recognized that Executive Leadership, Managers and Professional Staff are the driving force of every successful organization. HPi’s Leadership Development & Talent Assessment services equip every corporate client’s management team with the insights and tools needed to be successful in today’s highly complex business environment.

HPi has developed modules and programs that include virtual and face-to-face
consulting services that focus on leadership skill development.

Programs Include:

  • Leadership Development for Line Managers
  • High Performing Team Development
  • BestFit Assessment© for hiring or succession planning
  • Talent alignment and On-boarding services
  • HPi has affiliated with OI Partners and can now provide local talent management and leadership services throughout the United States. For more information, please contact HPi at: info@hpi-inc.com