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Corporate Downsizing Success

Recently High Potential Inc an OI Partners firm, was asked to provide assistance to a global manufacturing company with a large downsizing occurring at several facilities over the period of four months. After meeting with the Customer’s HR Leadership to learn the scope and timing of the workforce reduction, HPi was able to present a cost effective solution to the HR leadership and the field managers that met their needs and provided best of class career transition service to each of the 230 employees impacted. The solution included providing a combination of individual and group Career Transition services as well as assisting the company in instructing the field managers on proper termination procedures. The reductions would occur in California, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas and Utah and involve long term employees at different levels and numbers in each location. The solution was different in each location as well.

The Utah group of 120 employees participated in a “mini career center” combining onsite group workshops with individual one/one counseling, around the clock (to accommodate three shifts), for a period of six weeks. The Illinois group was still busy working with customer activity, so their career transition services were split into modules delivered over six weeks. The California employees included several group workshops delivered in Spanish for the impacted hourly employees. The employees in Minnesota and Texas were released over several months and received individual transition services from one to three months.

The net effect for the customer was a highly cost effective, efficient, and professional reductions project at all locations. The employee feedback was excellent and favorable to the company. The human resource team appreciated the HPi/OI Partners personalized and professional “hands on”, approach to Employee Career Transition at every location for every level in the organization. The employee feedback was very favorable of the entire process and HPi/OI Partners received rave reviews. Here are just a few of their comments:

“Very enthusiastic, covered every area, and was very helpful in job search”

“Very thorough & interesting. I received valuable information to help make my job search easier”

”Fabulous – can’t wait to get to work”

“Great experience - Pulled me out of pessimistic attitude & gave me skills to prepare myself”

As a result, the customer now feels they have a true national provider in HPi/OIPartners to address all future employee career transition needs, no matter the level, number or location.